Ruby Max Solutions

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Welcome to our Jewellery Management System. Quality is inherent with the word ornament, quality is the main criteria to roll the business on and on. Quality is the ultimate figure of the whole business. Good quality of a product depends on customer support, better management, maintaining the quality etc.

“Ruby Max Solutions” is the complete software solution for a jewellery shop.

“Ruby Max Solutions” takes care of various operations in a jewellery like Purchase, Sales, Goldsmith Accounts, Pledge, and various Accounts types which involve in a jewellery.

It comprises of modules, some of which are specific to the jewellery manufacturing process and the rest are related to general accounting functions.

Ruby Max Solutions Main features of in are as follows,

Sale Tax

Sales Register

Customer Register

Purchase Register

Register of jewel sale along with customer detail

Item wise ID Detail

Customer Payment Status

Interest Account

Expenses Account

Pledge Account

Advance Account

Bank Account

Chit Account


Barcode / RFID Integration Support